CoDA Intergoups are area-wide groups that may elect their own officers to see that area-wide service functions get done. The Group Conscience of the individual groups is carried to the community group by the Group Service Representative (GSR). Typical functions of Intergroup may include publishing area meeting lists, manning CoDA information phone lines, and organizing area-wide picnics and conferences.


Southern Nevada CoDA Intergroup


  • Chair:  Vacant -- Rotating position until permanently filled
  • Secretary:  Gail S.
  • Treasurer:  Dee B.
  • Outreach & Information (O & I):  Candace
  • Hospitals & Institutions:  Vacant -- Currently combined with O & I

Any CoDA member is welcome and encouraged to attend Intergroup's monthly meeting. Meetings are scheduled for the first Saturday of the month and are conducted on Zoom conferencing which is available via mobile phone, laptop or tablet.

Please consider becoming part of Intergroup either as an officer, a GSR for your local meeting or volunteering to assist in one of the committees.


If you are interested or would like additional information, please join us for our next meeting or send an email to